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Bonded by their four-year-old girls, Katie and Sheba are two moms with kids who became friends like family and now business partners. They share an appreciation for modern taste and creating their own decorations.  Katie drives the creative direction, and Sheba managing the business aspect, these two moms decided to combine efforts and share create something amazing.  

After Sheba was diagnosed with cancer, their bond grew stronger. The duo took this life changing event and desired something more.  They were both eager to go back to work, however they were looking for an opportunity where work life balance was an option. And there you have it, Ramadan All Day was born!  A brand with creative freedom and a vision to bring muslim holidays to the mainstream market.  A vision that sees decorations as a way to bridge the gap and allow Eid to be embraced by all walks of life.  

Sheba Khan

Managing Partner

Sheba graduated from University of Illinois and went on to complete her MBA and Master in Marketing. She worked for an advertising agency in Chicago and then moved to New York after getting married to work for another Ad Agency. Like Katie, Sheba also stayed home to raise her beautiful girls, Aaliyah and Ariana.

Katie LiBuono

Creative Director | Partner

Katie is an uber talented architect who put her career on hold to raise her two beautiful children, Bianka and Shiloh. She is a young talented woman with roots that come from Poland. She studied at NYIT and went on to work at a high profile architecture firm.


Bringing Muslim holiday decorations to the mainstream market.


Leveraging Eid decorations to bridge the gap by allow Eid to be embraced by all American homes.

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